Valentine’s Day…What’s the point?

Sometimes our lives become so busy with our day to day schedules we forget the real reason why we are in a relationship with the ones we love and more importantly; we forget to tell them why too! Sure, you may give them a quick kiss as they run out the door in the morning or even say ‘I love you’ quickly before you fall asleep at night.  But even these little sentiments could easlily be forgotten on a daily basis.  Sometimes all it takes for us ‘humans’ is a ‘deadline’ or a date on a calender to give us a kind reminder to show our better half just how much we love them.  Now, not all of us need this reminder, but for those who do, Valentine’s Day can be a real life saver!  Without this day some women (and/or men) may never receive their favorite box of chocolates, a room filled with pink balloons, a teddy bear with a diamond necklace attached or their favorite FLOWERS (a fishing rod, favorite case of beer, tickets to their favorite event…just a couple other ideas)!  Without Valentine’s Day we may forget to think about how great our other half is, what it is that we love about them so much and it reminds us to pay attention to the things THEY love!

As I have mentioned before, I work at Forest Lake Floral, by far this is my absolute-hands down favorite holiday to work!! I love everything about it! I love all of the fresh flowers that are in the store, I love the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Valentine’s week and what I love most is hearing the stories (mostly from men) about why they have chosen the particular flowers for their significant other.  Whether it be tradition, the flowers from their wedding day, the number of children they have, the years they have spent together…these men let their guard down and open up when it involves the one they love.  IT’S THE BEST!! 

Forest Lake Floral for over 80 years has not only been serving our community but the greater Twin Cities area and beyond! On Valentine’s day we send love and expressions near and far!! We deliver to cities such as Hugo, North Branch, Coon Rapids, Afton, Wyoming, Centerville, Minnetonka, Roseville, Maple Grove and many, many more! Not only do we deliver to homes but we deliver to places of work, schools or any where you need your love sent!!!  Everyone who comes into our store, calls us or even orders online will get the most trusted, cared for customer service you would come to expect.  We all take pride in our jobs and have a passion for what we do.  Without our customers we would not be who we are.  We take into consideration your feelings, thoughts and expressions from the moment you contact us until the flowers (chocolates, balloons, teddy bears etc) arrive at their destination. We LOVE what we do!

When you look up the definition of ‘LOVE’ there are many different entries that could be found, of those that I did find this was my favorite;

Love: unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another

I love my family, I love my friends, I love my job and I love Valentine’s Day!!


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