Well, sticking with this cold Minnesota – winter weather theme, what better to do than celebrate it! This year the city of Forest Lake is hosting it’s 5th annual Flake Festival February 15-23. It celebrates our community within the city and the families who live here. It’s a time to get the family together and get out and ENJOY what our Minnesota winter has to offer. Throughout the past week there has been several free events including a vintage snowmobile show, a free movie viewing, ice sculptures and more! There are also buttons that can be purchased at local businesses who are sponsoring the events (For $5) to show your support of Flake Fest. This year the button represents the 2014 theme of the festival which coincides with the Olympics…FUN!

One of the highlights of the festival each year is the Medallion Hunt that is hidden within one of the 25 city parks. Each morning a new clue is given and then the race is on!! And let me tell you…it’s not easy…speaking from experience!! I LOVE the thrill of the hunt but not the frustration…ugh!!! You think you know exactly where it’s going to be, you get there, you dig and then nothing! Last year it was absolutely heart wrenching for our family! We literally walked over the medallion several times located in our very own neighborhood park! Then a few minutes later, it was found by someone else!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! My daughter has talked about looking for the medallion for the last year…and well, we haven’t found it yet again this festival! So, with all this agony, deep reading into each clue, there must be a prize to go along with the mad hunt?! Not only do you get to claim that you were the one to find it, you also get $200 in cash and gift basket valued at $300 as well. Sounds worth it to me, it gets us out of the house and we get to explore our cities parks! As of yesterday, the medallion has yet to be found and I’m thinking it might not be found until Spring when all the snow melts…did I mention that we got another 10 inches of snow last night?? YUP, not kidding you, that could put a real wrench in finding it!!

With the festival coming to an end this weekend there are still plenty of events to attend this Friday through Sunday! Including the button raffle drawing, Family Olympics on the lake, Getting cold for a cause and much more!!

So get out and enjoy this frozen tundra that we call Minnesota and have fun with your family and friends!

Check out this website to see full details of the festival! www.ci.forestlake.mn.us

I also want to say thank you to many of our local sponsors for supporting such a wonderful event in our city!!

Forest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Roberts Family Funeral Home, Lake Area Bank, Olsons, Wilcox, Vannelli’s, Johnson/Turner, Polaris, CarX, State Farm, Grand Casino, Running Aces, Polaris, NLA, Prefere Paving and FL Althetics!!

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  1. The medallion was found this morning!!

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