Creatively Type A


Yup, this is me – spot on! Oh my poor husband, there have been many of days that the latter of this quote has been oh so true!!

Being Type A can be a blessing or a curse – depending on the situation – to an employer or to your significant other!  Having a competitive, ambitious, timeline driven personality can definitely have it’s benefits.  For me, when I start a project I won’t quit until it’s finished.  Before I became a part of the Forest Lake Floral team, I was a Microbiologist in the health care setting and having a Type A personality came in handy.  In the laboratory you must be a multi-tasker, focused, work aggressively and get things done!  I could definitely do this – but with that said, I also had another side of me that wasn’t so statistically defined as Type A.  I am outgoing, friendly, compassionate and creative – this is more of a Type B personality.  I ‘liked’ my job but didn’t ‘love’ it.  I liked the motivation and the timeline driven aspect but it was a very introverted community that was difficult for me at times.  After my children were born I decided I needed a change – a change that fit my personality and the needs of my family.  I wanted to be a stay at home mom but still work outside of the home part-time.  As I drove past one of my favorite local stores in Forest Lake after dropping my daughter off at preschool one day, I quickly made a turn into the parking lot and went inside and asked for an application.  WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I DOING?!  I went home filled out the application and wrote a cover letter trying to explain this leap of faith I was taking – working as a microbiologist for almost 9 years to becoming a customer service/sales representative in the greenhouse/floral business.  Whoa-what was I about to do?!  Within a week and with the love and support of my husband (yet again)…I was offered a seasonal position in the greenhouse and quit my career of being a microbiologist!  Long story short, my seasonal position turned into a regular part-time position and this Spring will mark my fourth season with Forest Lake Floral.  Not only do I get to do the mentioned tasks above but I now am involved in blogging, running our PINTEREST site and other clerical duties as well.  I LOVE MY JOB!  It not only fits my Type A but my Type B personality as well.  For example; when the owner of the store came to me and asked what I knew about PINTEREST (one of my at home addictions) I just chuckled and said – “just a little or should I say, just a little addicted?!”  He offered to let me run ‘Forest Lake Floral’s’ PINTEREST site.  Well, let’s just say I got started immediately and that night I probably pinned over 200 pins to our site!  Once I start – I just can’s stop (Type A and B) or I guess you could call me a CREATIVELY TYPE A personality!

So go ahead and check out our PINTERST site and follow us; (pinner ‘flfloral’) and enjoy the boards that contain over 1,000 pins regarding; flowers, gardening, weddings, crafts, prom, holidays, container gardens and more!

Happy Pinning!

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