Minnesota Hardy

Yup, here we are, dead smack in the middle of winter. The holidays are over and the cold weather has set in.  Time to curl up with a blanket and hibernate, right? … WRONG! Not us hardy Minnesotans, it’s time for us to get out – play and enjoy the weather, celebrate where we live and why we live here!!  Maybe, just maybe, (if you’re not the winter type and have to suffer through these months) throw in a trip to a warmer-sunnier place like Mexico, Texas or The Caribbean!

We have a lot to offer this time of year not only state wide but locally.  Check out some of the following links and see if any of the events peak your interest and your winter adventurism!!!”

St. Paul Winter Carnival January 22 – February 1


Love to ski (snow tube)? Check out all Minnesota has to offer..


Vinterfest 2015 – locally here in Scandia, MN

www.ci.Scandia.mn.us and check out “The Scanley Cup on www.facebook.com

“Flake Fest” right here in our hometown of Forest Lake, MN Febuary 14-22 www.facebook.com

So, get out, enjoy and explore Minnesota because winter is here and here to stay!

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