Take The Plunge

It’s a beautiful winter morning with the whole day ahead of you; 16 degrees above 0, light snow falling from the sky.  Maybe it’s  a good day to clean up the house, run some errands or hang out with friends – Or enjoy some winter activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, snow tubing or jump in a frozen lake….wait, what?!  Yes, jump into a frozen lake to support a worthy cause!  This weekend marks the end of FLake fest here in Forest Lake. Today’s event starts at 12pm on Forest Lake’s 1st lake by the beach.  “Getting Cold For a Cause” is supported by The Rotary Club of Forest Lake, Minnesota.  Jumpers join to rally for causes near and dear to their hearts – set a goal to raise money and donate the cold-hard cash in hopes in helping their organization!

If you’re not feeling bold, brave or daring enough to take the plunge, you can always donate to a team and support them and their cause! Please visit the following links for more information; or just stop on out and join the party and cheer these hardy Minnesotans on!




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