Gorgeous dresses, sparkly jewelry, fancy shoes, nails, hair, beautiful arm candy and list goes on! Okay, okay, it’s not actually candy you wear on your arm or your date 🙂 The “candy” I’m talking about are fresh beautiful flowers turned into an intricate, custom wrist corsage made just for YOU! At Lakes Floral, Gift & Garden we specialize in all flowers done fresh. Each year we take hundreds of high school prom orders for corsages and boutonnieres designed for each individual person. We service not only our local High School but schools outside our very own district. We pride ourselves in using the freshest flowers and the latest, hottest trends in the prom industry for accents to create a unique piece that fits your style and personality.

Ordering your corsage and/or boutonniere is easy as pie. We make it as convenient as possible for all those who order. You can stop in store (the most popular way to order) because then you can lay your eyes and hands on the actual product, show us pictures of your color scheme and see what your final product will be. You can also call the store @ 651.464.2134 to talk to one of our design experts or order online . Our online selection is limited do to the endless options you can choose from in store such as ribbon and flower color to the accents and bracelets that we have available for you!

2018 Greenhouse “Photo Booth”

We are not only here to create your flowers but we also have a beautiful greenhouse available to take “warm” memorable photos. As we all know, here in Minnesota we could still have a foot of snow (or a snow storm the day of – no repeats of 2018, please!) or it could still be 30 degrees outside. Everyone is welcome and the doors will be open again this year to get out of the cold and into the warm to capture those special moments.

Lakes Floral Prom Give Away

Prom Package Example

This year we are giving away a fresh flower prom package to include a free corsage and boutonniere, how awesome is that?! All you have to do is jump over to our Facebook page or Instagram account and like/tag a friend in the give away post(s) and you will be entered into the drawing. All entries must be made by March 22nd! Details and rules are stated in both posts – good luck!

Lakes Floral, Gift & Garden wants to help make your Prom event just as magical as your date themselves. We are here to have fun and be creative with you.

“Be Strong, Be Fearless, Be Beautiful”

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